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These are Photo Letters [A-Z , 0-9, &, ♥]

Each letter is designed with 8-10 pics of your choice and Base stand is personalized with a short text of your choice.

Letter can be attached / detached from base at anytime as they use strong magnets to stick to base and hence lets you use the product with/without base stand.

Dimensions of Product :  

    1. Height is 22cm

    2. Base length depends on the number of letters chosen :

            a. For 1-3 letters  - Base length will be 40cm

            b. For 4-5 letters - Base length will be 60cm

            c. For 6 letters      - Base length will be 80cm

            d. For 7 letters      - Base length will be 100cm

            e. For 8 letters      - Base length will be 120cm

                  and so on...

PhotoLetters - Any Letters / Images / Text

SKU: 169
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